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Evy Blum directly manages client accounts. Her primary focus is helping clients develop an appropriate asset allocation to accomplish their financial goals. She then chooses investments based upon fundamental and technical analysis. She utilizes loss guidelines, cash management, and other techniques to mitigate risk to clients’ portfolios during volatile markets. She reduces stock-specific and market risk through diversification by owning multiple-asset classes of domestic and international equities, fixed-income instruments, and cash.

Evy also offers consulting services on an hourly basis.

Evy meets with clients annually and reports portfolio year-to date performance quarterly.

Evy Blum holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in history from Washington Square College of New York University and a MAT in American History from Columbia University. She has worked in the financial services industry for more than thirty years.

Evy is married to Steve Thomas, former host of PBS’s This Old House, Discovery’s Renovation Nation, and currently spokesman for Habitat for Humanity. Her son, Sam Thomas, is a videographer and photographer in Montana. She has two standard poodles, Emma and Marley, and lives in Maine, dividing her time between Port Clyde and Portland.