Guiding Principles Our Investment Philosophy About Marshall Point


Guiding PrinciplesPort Clyde Dock

A "Client-centric" Approach

As a small and focused wealth management firm, we give you close personal attention and every client has direct access.

Independent, Unbiased Investment Advice

Our goal is to provide you with objective investment advice that suits your particular needs. As a fee-only financial advisor, our fees are based on portfolio size, not on portfolio changes.

Disciplined Investment Philosophy

Most investors lack a focused investment strategy. We have learned that attempting to exercise discipline in stock selection, portfolio weightings, and portfolio allocation are key in managing portfolios. An objective, rational approach is especially important during difficult market periods.

Customized Investment Portfolios

We attempt to help each client build and maintain an appropriate mix of investment vehicles.

Risk Management

Risk management in its simplest form is reviewing your overall financial strategy for any nasty events which could delay or destroy your financial future, then minimizing the impact from any of them. We utilize loss guidelines, cash management and other techniques in the attempt to mitigate risk in our clients' portfolios during volatile markets.