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Our Investment Philosophy

At Marshall Point Advisors, Inc., we believe that investing for the long term isn't based on tips or hunches. We base our strategies on quantifiable research and analysis combined with careful consideration of risk-reward factors, strong fundamentals, and technical indicators.

Our goal is to utilize a disciplined approach to investing to keep us from being taken in by the euphoria at the top of a market or the fear that can be crippling at its bottom. As tactical investment advisors, we also try to reduce our clients' exposure to the market during times of extended weakness. We are willing to trim positions, raise cash and use loss guidelines to help protect principal and limit your risk.

We are of the firm conviction that the key to long-term investment success lies in managing risk at every possible level of your portfolio through the consistent and disciplined application of our investment philosophy. Your interests and goals will always come first. We work with all clients to determine an appropriate asset allocation and investment strategy specific to their needs.